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From lawn to a native landscape Garrett table

From a lawn to a native landscape... complete with a sitting area and a functional dry streambed. Chaparral, grassland, and desert are represented.

Wildomar garden Wildomare backyard
A peaceful place to sit in a Wildomar garden. A nice overall view of the Wildomar backyard.
Fallbrook desert garden A place for the children
A beautiful sitting area in a Fallbrook desert garden. Children have a place in the garden.
Rocks and boulders in a desert garden Mediterranean plants create a transition
Organic mulch is not used in a desert garden, only rocks boulders, and decomposed granite. Mediterranean plants were used to create a transition from the citrus and red apple to the desert garden.
Four year old chaparral garden Foliar and flower color make a statement
This four year old native chaparral garden was created from one gallon plants. The cottonwood is a 3 year old seedling! In just a few years, this access path has been turned into a country lane. Foliar and flower color were used to make a statement at the entrance to this native chaparral garden near Valley Center.
Men will be boys! No organic matter was added
Yes, men will be boys! The same owner created an all native outdoor garden railroad with great detail. In case you feel compelled to add soil amendments to your native landscape, realize that this entire planting sits on a pile of pure decomposed granite. No organic matter or fertilizer was added.
A teepee amid the native landscape Bigfoot in San Diego!
Our customers get the most from their landscapes! The owner has set up a teepee so the kids (and grownups) can go camping on the property. Bigfoot has been sighted in San Diego!!!
Native plants accent the swimming pool Around the pool
This mediterranean and native garden accents the swimming pool overlooking Bonsall. The swimming pool disappears over the edge of this garden in Bonsall.
Outdoor living at its finest! Mediterranean herb and rose garden
Outdoor living at its finest! This mediterranean herb and rose garden overlooks a lavendar field and specialty olives.
Native woodland shade garden

Curving stone staircase

A native woodland shade garden in Bonsall. This curving stone staircase entry highlights an unirrigated native landscape in Vista.
Contrasting color of Artemesia Herbs, lawn, and vegetable garden were planted in the higher water zone
The front entry of this Vista garden emphasizes the contrasting color of Artemesia. Herbs, a lawn, and a vegetable garden were planted in the higher water zone of this Vista garden. The rest of the area is all native.
Bird baths are an essential part of the native habitat Dogwood, roses, and Yerba Buena attract wildlife
Bird baths are an essential part of the native habitat garden, as well as foraging, nesting, and shelter plants. Plant water loving wild roses to discourage cats. Below the lawn we used moisture loving plants like native dogwood, roses, and Yerba Buena. This is a good combination to attract wildlife... even Bigfoot!
Island chaparral demonstrates the lushness of California natives Oak woodland lends color and texture
This island chaparral demonstrates the lushness of California natives. Creating an evergreen backbone to a native garden keeps it looking fresh and green all year while minimizing maintenance. A narrow driveway in Escondido, planted in oak woodland, lends color and texture while providing a visual screen from the neighbor.
Spiral stone staircase Flagstone path through a woodland garden
Spiraling stone staircases were constructed to give this owner access to a year-round stream on the property. A flagstone path casually winds through this Escondido woodland garden, overlooking a year-round stream.
Creeping thyme makes a fragrant groundcover Streamside woodland restoration
Varying types of creeping thyme make a fragrant groundcover between flagstones. It is low growing and undemanding. Let's go back to the days before weeds! All the weeds were replaced with flowering native perennials for summer color in this interpretation of a streamside woodland restoration, complete with a bridge.
This entry passes over a stream and pond
The entry to this Poway home passes over a stream and pond surrounded by native woodland plants. This is a close up of the water feature in the entry.
Stone pathway planted in thyme Whimsical, playful touches in the garden
A stone pathway planted in thyme leads to a vegetable garden and a chaparral restoration area in Poway. I like whimsical, playful touches in the garden. Ah, to be serenaded by Mariachi frogs!
Coastal sage shrub and chaparral restoration Giant boulders create terraces in the garden
This is a coastal sage scrub and chaparral restoration over a leach-field. We placed these giant boulders with a huge excavator, creating terraces for a citrus and Mediterranean garden. We operate all types of machinery.
We model lawns ecologically as a freshwater marsh Mountain chaparral garden
Yes, we even do lawns. We model them ecologically as a fresh-water marsh and surround them with appropriate plants, often unirrigated. This is a mountain chaparral garden. It is designed after something one might see in Julian or Idyllwild with lots of manzanita and wild lilac.
A boardwalk winds past redwoods View of the back slope and boardwalk
A boardwalk winds past redwoods towards a childrens play area. Note the use of fire-resistant Baccharis 'Pigeon Point' on the slope. Another view of the back slope and boardwalk, as seen from the middle of the freshwater marsh, also known as a lawn.
This landscape is less than five years old! Bigfoot kicks back in a wooded sitting area
The trees and shrubs around this backyard pool in Poway are less than five years old. Bigfoot kicking back in a wooded sitting area, soon to be the site of a gazebo.
No soil amendments or fertilizer Inviting decomposed granite path
With no soil amendments or fertilizer, this sub-graded decomposed granite pad was transformed into a woodland garden in less than 5 years from one gallon plants. An inviting decomposed granite path winds its way through this native Poway garden.
A statue in this courtyard garden Overall view from the back slope
A statue depicting a young Indian girl walking out of the woods with an extinct Arizona parrot on her hand is a stunning feature in this courtyard garden.

This overall view from the back slope highlights the childrens play area on the right.

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